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Become an agent of Social Change – Get trained and certified with our Social Educator courses.

As a social education student, you will develop your abilities to meet people with respect and empathy, regardless of their situation or behavior.
You will learn how to communicate and cooperate with them and their families, as well as communicating professionally with colleagues and other professionals.
You will be able to coordinate social groups through educational strategies that help marginalized people to understand and participate in their social, political, economic, and cultural surroundings, and to integrate into society as much as possible.


Menstrual Health Educator:

Time Duration – 2 hours
Mode- Online
What you learn:

  1. How to teach the basics of Menstruation to young girls and boys
  2. Engage beneficiaries in discussing and breaking Myths and taboos surrounding menstruation
  3. Learn about various options of Menstrual Hygiene products with regard to disabilities, environment, and sustainability
  4. Learn about assessment tools to capture knowledge and impact
  5. Get access to resources and articles to enhance your learning

Child Sex Abuse and Prevention: What you learn:

  1. What is Child Sexual Abuse
  2. Kinds of Child Sexual Abuse
  3. Myths and Facts – Good Touch/ Bad Touch; Safe Touch; Unsafe Touch
  4. Why children should know about this
  5. How to Initiate the talk with children
  6. How to Protect Oneself from Sex Abuse
  7. Creating a Safe Circle
  8. How to register a case of Child Sexual Abuse
  9. POCSO Act and Child Help Line
  10. Get access to resources and articles to enhance your learning

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