At Uboontu Pathshala, we use an innovative pedagogy to address educational and social emotional ethical learning needs of children. The program complements the gaps in school education and sustains the interest of children and their parents in formal education system. The teacher student ratio is 1:15. The teacher also helps the students develop life skills through extra-curricular activities to bring out the skills and the talent of the children. On every Saturday, the children engage in activities like painting, singing, dancing, and other crafts, story book reading etc.
The children are also provided free nutritious meals everyday which greatly helps them in developing their physical and cognitive abilities. The community library built by us helps to inculcate reading habits amongst children.

Success Story:

“Tell me and I’ll forget; show me and I may remember; involve me and I’ll understand.”

Harshita, a 12 year old school dropout came to us in November 2019. She comes from a lower income background with an alcoholic father who took her out of school several time, as a result she could not continue her formal education. Her mother enrolled her in Uboontu school with a hope that she can learn to read and write and have another chance to pursue her studies. When she joined us, she was a girl with very low confidence and hardly spoke out, she could not identify Hindi or English alphabets, let alone read or write.
However, Harshita, being a keen and sincere learner has progressed rapidly in these two months, she can now identify and write Hindi and English alphabets, has learnt
phonics, and learning maths and numbers is fun for her now. She loves reciting rhymes, drawing and listening to stories. She hopes to get enrolled in a formal school next year and also wants to keep coming to Uboontu School to continue her interest in studies.
There are many girls and boys like Harshita in our community, who are either dropouts or are poor performers in school due to difficult circumstances at home or minor learning challenges.

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