Uboontu Foundation under its Skill Development program runs basic and advanced
IT certificate courses following a curriculum designed by Computer Shiksha. 40 laptops have been graciously donated by SKF India Ltd which has helped in providing training and certification to more than 200 children since 2017. Our beneficiaries are girls, boys and women, 10 years and above from vulnerable backgrounds.
We primarily focus on enrolling girls as preparing girls for a career in ICT is not only a matter of gender equality, but also an urgent development imperative.

Success story:

“I Am Not What Happened To Me. I Am What I Choose To Become…”

Simran, a 19 year old girl was amongst the first few girls to join our Computer literacy centre. Coming from a conservative poor family, she was quite hesitant in joining the course. However soon, she fell in love with computers, she attended classes regularly and even topped in IT certification exam in her batch. She also enrolled herself in English speaking classes along with learning guitar at Uboontu. She is currently pursuing her graduation and has joined us as a teacher in our remedial education program. Learning computers and English greatly boosted her confidence to pursue higher education. By working as a part time teacher with us, she is able to support herself financially; she uses her knowledge of computers to create innovative modules to enhance learning levels of children.
She makes weekly reports of activities conducted with children on computer. We are hopeful that this learning will keep inspiring her to become self reliant in future.

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