• “To build a world of equity, harmony and social justice where poverty is eliminated and all people live with dignity and in security.”


  • “Equip deprived communities with requisite resources, skills and training, giving them the power to lift themselves out of poverty”


  • EDUCATION & ILLITERACY : Underprivileged children of 11-14 years are at a high risk of being withdrawn from schools. While the RTE Act mandates free and compulsory education for all children between 6-14 years, Census 2011 showed that about 32 million children aged between 6-13 years have ​never attended ​any educational institution.
  • GENDER INEQUALITY : Women and girls hailing from underprivileged backgrounds continue to be constrained by India’s ​patriarchal society ​thereby causing them to be caught in a vicious cycle of poverty and as a consequence are also forced to depend upon male members in the family.
  • POOR HEALTH & HYGIENE : More than 1.6 million people in India don’t have access to essential health services and 40% lack social protection. Also, more than 88% of women in India use homemade, unsafe products​ to manage their menstruation. Therefore it is important to challenge the status quo and break the silence around menstruation​.


  • To address the educational needs of the marginalized children of lower castes and/or economic strata, with the overall goal of mainstreaming them into the formal education system
  • To break the long-standing stigma around menstruation, change cultural beliefs and social attitudes and with sufficient awareness, let menarche not be a reason for girls to drop out of education.
  • To provide women a platform to learn, earn and prove their worth in the society by training them in candle and soap making, in view of the fact that investing in women as business, community and civic leaders is an effective way of changing the world.


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